GYNAE EXAMINATION COUCH (with Drawers & Cabinet)


  1. Fixed upholstered top in two section
  2. Body framework made up of CRCA sheet
  3. Couch fitted with mild steel legs covered with PVC stumps/shoes 
  4. Smooth Pneumatic mechanism to raise Headrest 
  5. Provided with three sliding drawers with three separate doors. 
  6. Provided with B.P. apparatus tray at head end. 
  7. Sliding footstep located at bottom center.
  8. Provided with Perineal Cut & pair of lithotomy poles (12mm SS Rod) with straps at foot end of the table. 
  9. Finish: Pre-treated & epoxy powder coated   
  10. Overall approx. Size: 1870L x 560W x 820H mm.
  11. CRCA Cabinet Size (Approx.): 1200L x 450W x 630H mm

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