Fowler Bed 2 Function Manual


  1. Framework made-up of M.S. Tubes.
  2. Four section 1.2 mm (18G) CRCA M.S perforated sheet top for easy breathing of mattress.
  3. Backrest section welded with MS CRCA tube of 25.4 mm x 1.6 mm (16G)
  4. Leg Section is welded with MS CRCA tube of 25.4 mm x 1.6 mm (16G) for support.
  5. The size of perforated hole: 21 mm diameter.
  6. Screw mechanism welded with ERW MS tube of size 31.75 mm X 1.2 mm (18G) is M.S. cover made from dia. 38.10 mm X 1.6 mm (16G) ERW tube.
  7. Positions Obtained by Separate Smooth Crank two Screw System with individual Foldable Handles : Backrest & Knee-rest.
  8. Calf Elevation Manually Operated.
  9. Back Rest: min 45% of the frame length.
  10. Bed frame of rectangular base made from 60 mm x 30 mm x 1.6 mm (16G) Thick ERW tube have proper support. This frame is fitted on H leg made from ERW tubes of diameter 31.75 mm X 1.2 mm (18G) thick (outer tubes) and diameter 25.4 mm x 1.2 mm (18G) thick and MS sheet having thickness 3.0 mm (11G).
  11. Bed Mounted on 125 mm (5”) Diagonal Locking High Grade Synthetic Body Castors
  12. Heavy ABS Head and Foot Panels with metal inserts along with lock for easy detachable without use of any tool and corner buffer.
  13. Provision for IV Rod at 4 Locations.
  14. Patient Working Load – 110 kg .
  15. Safe Working Load – 150 kg.
  16. MS tubular parts, linkages, flats are In-house, Pre-treated and Epoxy powder coated with coating thickness between 50 to 100 microns.


  1. Overall Buffer to Buffer (without Mattress): 2140 mm L x 970 mm W x 600 mm H
  2. Overall Bed Size (without Mattress): 2090 mm L X 920 mm W X 600 mm H.
  3. Bed Platform Frame size: 2070 mm L X 910 mm W
  4. Mattress Platform Size: 1970 mm L X 790 mm W
  5. Buffer to Handle Length: 2275 mm
  6. Overall Size of Backrest: 785 mm L x 795 mm W
  7. Backrest Size (only Section): 20 mm L x 795 mm W
  8. Overall Size of Knee Rest: 470 mm L x 820 mm W
  9. Knee Rest Size (Only Section): 380 mm L x 795 mm W
  10. Overall Size of Leg Rest: 610 mm L x 795 mm W
  11. Leg Rest Size (Only Section): 610 mm L x 795 mm W.
  12. Size of Fix Section 200 mm L x 820 mm W.
  13. Angle of Back Section: 65°
  14. Angle of Knee Section: 45°


  1. 4 Section PU Foam Mattress of 40 density, identical size of the bed platform. Provided with Water Resistance and Fire Retardant Cover.
  2. SS. Telescopic I.V. Rod with 4 Hook’s
  3. Urine Bag Holder.
  4. Chart holder  is MS made.
  5. Provided with collapsible Railing.

Quality Standard Certification:

  • All the certificates as per “General Requirement for all items” under “Product & Manufacturer Quality Standards”.
  • In addition, PU foam complying to IS 7933 standard from NABL accredited laboratory.
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