1. Shell Consists of Chamber and jacket. 
  2. The Chamber is made of thick stainless steel sheet. 
  3. To minimize the heat loss the shell has been insulated with glass wool and covered with SS 304G cover. 
  4. The Sheet is mounted on a sturdy MS Tubular Stand. 
  5. Boiler is fitted with auto pressure control device to set and maintain the chamber pressure. 
  6. Door and ring is made of thick stainless steel plate. 
  7. Fitted with Semi-Automatic temperature control system, steam lock mechanism & jointless silicon gasket.
  8. Standard Accessories: Water Inlet/Outlet valve, water level indicator with safety valve fitted with boiler, pressure gauge, three-way valve for controlling of sterilizing cycle, auto pressure control system, semi- automatic temp. controller, steam trap wall, low water cut off system with alarm 

Available Sizes: 

  1. USI – 2550A : 16”x24” (WxL), 6 KW Load
  2. USI – 2550B : 18”x36” (WxL), 8KW Load
  3. USI – 2550C : 20”x48” (WxL), 12KW Load


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